U.S. Department of Ed. Secretary Duncan- Playing Fast & Loose With Dangerous Special Education Rule Changes: Report Cites Fraudulent & Unethical Use Of Psychology Research To Advance Political Agendas

“These “lies of omission,” perpetuated and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education under the leadership of Secretary Duncan, will continue to have dangerous consequences for traditionally “test vulnerable” African American, Latino, Pacific Islander, autistic, dyslexic, dual-exceptional, poverty-stricken, and emotionally disturbed children who are enrolled in public and charter schools across the country.”

-Excerpt From The Attached “Primum Non Nocere: First, Do No Harm”

Dear Community of Fellow Parents Of Divergent Learning Children:

I would be delusional to assume that even 45 pages of well documented fraud and lies of omission, (off the backs of our nation’s most vulnerable children,) perpetrated by a sitting U.S. Secretary of Education, would warrant a lot of attention in a populous more obsessed with the Kardashian clan.

I wonder if Secretary Duncan made the fatal mistake of assuming that a simple Utah father & Doctor of Clinical Psychology somewhere in the country, would actually read his radical rule change.  Perhaps he knew, but deems himself to be untouchable.


Secretary Duncan, (and every sitting Governor in America who allowed the biggest Trojan Horse of unethical, experimentation to be played out in public schools across the country) had better pray that this post fades into its usual social media obscurity.

If not?  At best, millions of parents of vulnerable, divergent learning kids in public schools may jam his phone lines to “chat”.  We tend to not react positively to our nation’s most visible figure in education ordering acts of cognitive and emotional child abuse on our children .  At worse, blatant deceptions to the American public have landed elected leaders in front of Congressional Hearings for a  lot less than throwing the nation’s entire special education school population under proverbial “child abuse bus”, to advance a agenda.

The more I researched, and the more I wrote, it became apparent to me that it does not matter if one person reads this blog:  If just one parent of a special education child reads this, and saves them from potential emotional caused by your “research based” deceit, then I can fade away into the social media sunset with a sense of accomplishment.
So Mr Duncan, from one dad to another, attached below is my message to you:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 4.44.37 PMPDF-Primum Non Nocere – First Do No Harm

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Dr. Gary Thompson

I am a "retired" Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Special Education Advocate. I currently provide education and Forensic Psychology consulting services for Early Life Child Psychology & Education Center, Inc, as well as their clients. In 2015-2016I will attempt to provide a educational framework for my own 4.5 year old daughter. Public school? Private school? Homeschool? Dual enrollment? It's one thing to provide education advice to the masses, but it is another ball game when it comes to ones own child. Join me via my (hopeful) triumphs and mistakes as I leave the professional setting, and embark on a journey with my child in a education world that has been in turmoil and controversy.

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  1. Thank you Gary for all you do!! I always look forward to reading ANYTHING you write! Thank you for bringing awareness to this horrendous scam. I commend you! THANK YOU!

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