Dr. Gary Thompson on The Kate Dalley Radio Show

Despite the risk of perceived narcissism, I have posted the link to my Fox News/Kate Dalley radio interview for two reasons:

1. This lady is very talented at what she does. Apparently Blaze TV thinks so too: She announced the next day her “partnership” with Glen Beck. I’ve done a lot of various interviews, and “sucked” at each and every one of them. On this one? I probably still sucked, but it was the most relaxed I have ever felt in this kind of media setting. This was all due to this talk show host’s talent.

2. My previous posts were written “White Papers” on the subject of “Do No Harm” as such applies to ethics in educational practices and testing issues. This interview outlined current, and potential harms in a very personal manner as I provide a ground level, inside peek into the world of our child education psychologists, therapists, and in-home Divergent Learner Education Tutors.

For the first time; in one setting, I had the opportunity to “lay it all out” regarding the realities of education reform issues, and the psychological ripple effects of what happens to kids (and their respective communities) when policy makers ignore ethics set by our profession in psychology (American Psychological Association).

The end result of subjecting our nation’s children to developmentally inappropriate academic standards/curriculum, and using them as research tools-profit centers for experimental testing via private companies without informed-written parental consent and accompanied safety guidelines for research….well….it really is starting to get ugly professionally for clinicians around the nation who have been tasked with cleaning up these psychological messes being pushed on public school teachers by both political parties (e.g., Jeb Bush & Hillary Clinton).

During the interview (1.5 hours long), there are some rather interesting nuggets regarding school shootings, teen suicide, as well as what happens to a medical/school system hell bent on prescribing our restless/bored little ones with “speed” (ADHD medication), so that they can “pay attention” to their latest academic flavor of the day.

I will close my “education rants” permanently via this blog with a final post this week which may be titled: “The Idiot’s Guide to Common Core Education Test Validity: A Parent & Lawmakers Guide”……

……..then I’m off to welcome a new baby girl into our family (possibly way sooner than expected), and at least via this blog, close the door on education advocacy issues.

Everything professionally that needed to be said has already been said, and now it’s time for me to be a husband, father and Doctor/Consultant with this clinic. Our eyes ethical duty to inform our community has now reached full circle. Taking on a multi-billion dollar testing industry, and a Utah Gov. with the highest approval rating in the country would not only be futile, but a professional “death wish” for a group of Doctors who possess ZERO political skill (will ?).

I look forward to blogging about the original purpose of this blog: My Journey with my 5 year old daughter in a education system that changes quicker than the front runner in the Republican Party front runner for President. (I also formally endorsed our current Gov’s challenger in 2016 for Governor of the State of Utah, Johnathon Johnson, due to his promise to restore parental rights and local control back where it belongs: with me…with you….with all of us…..

…..I’m sure they are “nice little Billionaires”, but Bill
& Melinda Gates should not be making intimate, live altering parental education choices for your kids. It’s time for both Bill and I to turn our focus to our OWN children.

“Parents are, and must always be, the resident experts of their own children.”

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Dr. Gary Thompson

I am a "retired" Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Special Education Advocate. I currently provide education and Forensic Psychology consulting services for Early Life Child Psychology & Education Center, Inc, as well as their clients. In 2015-2016I will attempt to provide a educational framework for my own 4.5 year old daughter. Public school? Private school? Homeschool? Dual enrollment? It's one thing to provide education advice to the masses, but it is another ball game when it comes to ones own child. Join me via my (hopeful) triumphs and mistakes as I leave the professional setting, and embark on a journey with my child in a education world that has been in turmoil and controversy.

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  1. This was by far the most comprehensive interview on Common Core that I have ever heard and it was given greater depth by the various callers to the show, her were a good cross section of people who are currently confused and even disturbed by what they are witnessing in the lives of their children.

    I hope all Utah parents will take the time to listen to the full two hours of this interview.

    Our childrens lives are literally on the line with the perfect storm that is brewing.

    Jenny Hatch
    Homeschooling Mother in Cedar City Utah and Education Activist for Parental Rights

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